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july 2013
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bar los amigos, salamanca
july 2013
Bar Los Amigos, Salamanca
July 2013







Let me guess, not one Native American actress was available to play the part of a NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN? 
Well I guess since us POC got Annie, it’s only fair that they take Tiger Lily, huh? Who’s gonna play the chieftan now, the Grand Wizard? 

What kind of message does it send when cultures are erased from media?  Through poor and under-representation, we are telling people that they are not worthy of the story. This takes it a step further- it goes beyond not inviting them into the story by erasing them from stories they were already in. It’s not ok. In fact, it’s reprehensible. 

Oh my lord. How can you assume that just from this picture? Maybe the woman chosen just did the best portrayal of the character. Jesus Christ you guys are a bunch of critical assholes. Jumping to conclusions so quickly without any facts.

Someone needs to come collect their ignorant cousin.
When will y’all stop acting brand new like you just slid out of a fresh womb yesterday? People aren’t assuming anything. Whitewashing in Hollywood is a well-known practise with plenty of examples. Studios have barred people of color from auditioning for roles, have allowed white people to walk in and take the few roles available for people of colour etc. When a white person is cast in a role intended for a person of colour, they’re never just the best person for the role. Ever. It’s always a case of Hollywood’s overt racism and these actors’ white privilege giving them advantages over poc. When will some of you get that and stop denying it?
Our conclusions are based on empirical and statistical evidence, while yours are based on ideas that you want to believe are true (but aren’t true) and yet you’re accusing us of making assumptions.
Native American actors can’t even get the few roles based on caricatures of their people like Tonto and Tiger Lily and you want to come at people with this nonsense defense?

Also if they fucking decide to darken her skin for the role I’m gonna cut someone.
My favorite photo I’ve ever taken.
My beautiful girlfriend.
july 2013
Taken on a Canon A-1, Fujifilm 200 
cardboard chapels


I imagine there is somewhere a woman

who still owns the red piano her grandmother gave her.

That she sits at it without playing, but allows it to love her

by breathing, quiet sigh of wood and key.

I imagine somewhere there’s a graveyard

for Smith&Sons signs. That grass pours

from between…


Fred Stein